Lady Gaga wants to posted for Playboy!

Lady Gaga wants to pose nude for Playboy… uh, but we’ve seen it all already!

Heat magazine report that the rarely-clothed pop diva is keen to get her gear off for Hef’s rag despite her friends and main stylist freaking out over the idea.

“No-one wants her to do it,” said their source.

“Her business people are trying to convince her that it could be seen as being a bit lowbrow and cheesy, and will alienate her fans who like her edgy appeal.

“She thinks it will be an experience, and she’s always looking to grow as an artist. She doesn’t think there’s anything distasteful about it. She sees it as just another form of expression.

“She’s been chatting with everyone about it all week. She’s always been a fan of Hugh Hefner’s, and his whole sex-as-art kind of thing.

“She’s always looking to shock and entertain, and something like this would be perfect for her. She wants her shoot to be like nothing Playboy has every seen before. If she doesn’t drop it, her nude shoot will be like nothing Playboy has ever seen!”

She turned down an offer to pose for the magazine last year but said at the time: “I might change my mind when I have a new album to plug.”


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