The party is over, texts Charlie Sheen

Two And A Half Men star Charlie Sheen has a message for his porn star play pals – the party is over.

According to gossip website TMZ, Sheen has been texting his porno friends since the beginning of his rehab treatment and he’s sending out a clear message that there’ll be no benders at his place for a while.

One of Charlie’s messages reads: “Please lose the number, we are closed … please drive through … thank you.”

Another says: “Right now we are on lockdown.”

Sheen is reportedly taking his rehab very seriously and is determined to get back on the set of his hugely popular TV show as soon is possible. The star was forced into rehab by concerned friends and TV studio executives after a series of sleazy parties that involved run-ins with the law, excessive amounts of cocaine and porn star sex, and a health scare that saw him being rushed tio hospital.

Considering Sheen’s hard partying past, it remains to be seen whether the actor will maintain a more sober existence.

Meanwhile, footage of Sheen dancing up a storm before his now infamous 36-hour bender has emerged.

The short video shows Sheen doing what has been described as a ‘spastic MJ-esque impersonation’ during a dinner at the home of friend George Santo Pietro. Several porn stars are allegedly also in attendance at the boozy affair.

Even more shocking, however, is a close-up picture of a smiling Sheen, in which is gold dental work can be seen. Sheen is rumoured to have lost all of his teeth due to his cocaine habit.


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