5 Essential Beauty Items for Your Gym Bag

5 Essential Beauty Items for Your Gym Bag

Warmer days, a renewed spirit and (let’s be honest) the impending swimsuit season have me up before dawn three days a week for grueling gym sessions that leave me a sweaty mess.

This really isn’t a problem if I go straight home to shower, but sometimes a stop at Starbucks or other morning errands force me to head out in public right after my workout. For this reason, I keep my gym bag stocked with five essential items:

Secret Natural Mineral Deodorant: Using naturally derived minerals (in addition to other odor & wetness fighting ingredients), the newest deodorant incarnation from Secret is surprisingly effective. The Eucalyptus Blossom scent keeps me smelling fresh even after a long workout.
Clean Well All Natural Hand Sanitizer: Let’s face it, gym equipment is crawling with other people’s sweat and germs. Eww! I take extra care to keep my hands away from my face until I can spritz this Clean Well hand sanitizer on them. I love that it has no harsh or toxic chemicals and it’s alcohol free. (Bonus: the orange vanilla scent smells delish!)
Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes: I’m not sure how I survived before discovering these facial towelettes but after a tough workout, nothing is more refreshing. These leave my skin feeling clean and moisturized. After cleaning my face, I wipe down my arms for added freshness.
Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo Spray: I’m so excited that Suave came out with a dry shampoo this year. A quick spray gives my hair volume, absorbs excess oil and leaves behind an invigorating citrus scent. All for less than $5.
CHANEL Glossimer in Scintillance: I’ve found the easiest way to feel fancy while donning sweaty workout gear: CHANEL lip gloss. One swipe of this peachy pink shade and my face and spirit brighten simultaneously.
What are your gym bag essentials?


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